Our Team

Rev. Pastor Florence Akinbode

Pastor Florence is the senior Pastor and the founder of the Ambassadors for Christ Mission (AFCM) formerly the Ambassadors for Christ Ministry.

Her life and ministry is touching nations and people all over the world with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ which she has been doing since graduating from Christ for Nation UK in 2002.

Rev. Florence is a woman of strong faith in God and in His Word. She is a woman who knows her God. “But the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits” (Daniel 11: 32) and this is what she has been doing in the power of the Holy Spirit all over the world.

Pastor Jim Santhakumar

"A Catholic Sailor was saved"

I was a sailor travelling around the globe, but by His grace he has chosen me as His servant to take the Gospel around the globe.

I was a stubborn sailor working on the ship for 8 years and travelled most of the countries on a cargo ship. I am from a strong Roman Catholic background and I loved my religion. I knew mother Mary, Joseph and all the saints more than Jesus.

We practiced many things in the church what the bible did not teach which our parish priest would say is right because we did not know the difference between good and bad. We practiced what all the religions were practising but in a Christian style. For example, we too did idol worship like they did, but not other Gods but Jesus, Mary, Joseph, etc. whereas the bible clearly tells that it is an abomination. (Ezekiel 14:6)

When I came to United Kingdom, His mercy taught me the truth and the truth has set me free. Now I know how to go to the Father. The word of God clearly says “Nobody can come to the Father except through me (Jesus) - John 14:6.

Now God is using me in a bible believing church as His servant and I pray that I will continue to do His will.

He loves me so much and He loves you too……

It does not matter how good you are but to make eternity you have to follow Jesus….

Brother Geoffrey Mutenga

It is a blessing to share with you what the good gracious Lord has and is doing in my Life. The Lord found me in September 2012 and called me to His Life. Since then, I began to live and purposed that I will serve Him. I am grateful to God that I am married and have three children.

Looking back at the way my so called life was all through my teenage years, I feel for the youth all around the world especially those who have not said “ I do” to the Lord. I know how the evil one targets them through all the perpetual pressures and lies he impresses upon them.

I am passionate about teaching the truth from the precious Word of God especially to the young ones. I Love the Word of God and teach every time the Lord grants me a chance.

I pray that you will be blessed visiting our site, get in touch with us, I would like to share some of my great testimonies and hear from you and our fellowship is with the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. (1 John 1:3)