There is a virus deadlier than Coronavirus.

March 29, 2020 Geoffrey Mutenga

Coronavirus, Coronavirus, Coronavirus..... Is making the news right now. A lot of sad news is going around; Fear not dear friend!!The origin or source of this Coronavirus, may not be accurately known at this time but one thing it’s done is to give you and I a different view or perspective of life. Life as it is perceived here is like a vapour. One time you see it, the next it’s gone. It has also been said elsewhere that “Human life is like grass; we grow like a flower in the field. After the wind blows, the flower is gone,...

This is the reason you don’t believe.

March 27, 2020 Geoffrey Mutenga

The reason you do not believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ or even that God exists is rooted in your lack of ability to really see and it’s not your fault. The issue however is that you are not positioning to be enlightened or enabled. It is the Spirit that gives this.

The Antidote for all fear!!

April 10, 2019 Geoffrey Mutenga

Many people are afraid of things like flying, darkness, spiders, animals, driving and many more. These fears however are offsprings of the mother of all fears. The bible says;“.... children have bodies made out of flesh and blood. So Jesus became human like them in order to die for them. By doing that, he could destroy the one who rules over the kingdom of death. I'm talking about the devil. Jesus could set people free who were afraid of death. All their lives they were held as slaves by that fear.” (Hebrews‬ ‭2:14-15‬ ‭NIRV‬‬)You got it!! the fear of the...


April 09, 2019 Geoffrey Mutenga

LOVE IS DEMONSTRATED BY GIVING AND IS NOT AFRAID TO GIVE WITHOUT EXPECTATION; OUR FATHER DOES IT. “That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven:...Give to him that asketh thee,...(‭‭Matt‬ ‭5:45‬ and Matt 5:42‬)In other words, the scriptures above reveal to us one aspect of our Father’s nature which He wants reflected in His children. Notice that He gives to everyone who asks Him. What is it you require? Have confidence today as you speak to Him, be encouraged, be thankful because you already have your petitions and they shall manifest speedily IJN.“I will answer...


December 06, 2018 Geoffrey Mutenga

It is very well documented in some quarters that there for a man to be in “God’s good books”, they ought to repent or say sorry and do good so that their sins are forgiven and that man will receive eternal life after judgement. What is sin?